Now For Something Completely Different...

Hi there! I've survived a wedding and a large show with my other company 6 by 6 Arts.

I'll have lots to post about in regards to our very DIY/handmade wedding in the very near future. But I wanted to share some information about the upcoming holiday season. For the first time in over a decade, I will not be at Urban Craft Uprising's Winter Show with my kanzashi. 


It is a bit surreal after you're used to an annual event for so long it seems a bit weird to not have that on the list of upcoming events. Honestly, I didn't try very hard to get into the show. This company this year has taken a back burner to 6 by 6 Arts. Not because I'm not interested in my work or have a lack of business, I'm just branching and evolving into new works. 

With that said, I will be at Urban Craft Uprising's 2016 Winter Show with my other company 6 by 6 Arts. For all of those who have asked me; "Where is my other stuff." Now is your chance! It will be 6 by 6's Seattle show debut. I'm very excited for the opportunity. 

I will still be making and selling my kanzashi online and at my current stockists. So never fear, your forever flowers are still available, just let me know what you need. 

For all of my long time customers, thank you so much for the continued support at the UCU show! I hope to see you all this winter, just at 6 by 6's booth this time.