Now For Something Completely Different...

Hi there! I've survived a wedding and a large show with my other company 6 by 6 Arts.

I'll have lots to post about in regards to our very DIY/handmade wedding in the very near future. But I wanted to share some information about the upcoming holiday season. For the first time in over a decade, I will not be at Urban Craft Uprising's Winter Show with my kanzashi. 


It is a bit surreal after you're used to an annual event for so long it seems a bit weird to not have that on the list of upcoming events. Honestly, I didn't try very hard to get into the show. This company this year has taken a back burner to 6 by 6 Arts. Not because I'm not interested in my work or have a lack of business, I'm just branching and evolving into new works. 

With that said, I will be at Urban Craft Uprising's 2016 Winter Show with my other company 6 by 6 Arts. For all of those who have asked me; "Where is my other stuff." Now is your chance! It will be 6 by 6's Seattle show debut. I'm very excited for the opportunity. 

I will still be making and selling my kanzashi online and at my current stockists. So never fear, your forever flowers are still available, just let me know what you need. 

For all of my long time customers, thank you so much for the continued support at the UCU show! I hope to see you all this winter, just at 6 by 6's booth this time. 



Work is my hobby

Urban Craft Uprising was a pleasure as usual.  UCU attendees are faithful and fresh.

I love seeing a familiar customer who freshens up their flower collections at every show. As well as being new to someone who's attending the show for the very first time. 💗 

My display and I. Customers love the colorful display. I appreciate all the compliments about it.💗

My display and I. Customers love the colorful display. I appreciate all the compliments about it.💗

Each show, I get a new request, a new idea and a new found love for my own work. I also appreciate the people behind making the show happen. The organizers, the volunteers and my fellow makers. Many who have become good friends over the years. 

One maker, joked that work was their hobby. While that sounds horrible and ridiculous, many for us makers, it's completely true. And we love it. I came home and began working on 6 by 6 stuff, as well as wedding stuff too. Which is a task in itself. I'm strong and strong willed, but I have had a day or two of being overwhelmed with spontaneous crying. You know, days that are reminders that I'm human.  💁🏻 

John came and helped me all weekend at the show.

John came and helped me all weekend at the show.

I'm working this holiday weekend, but I am taking time off too since all of my babies will be home under one roof for a couple days. I gotta get my momming mode on. Happy 4th to my fellow Americans🇺🇸. Stay safe, thank a solider if you see one and have a good weekend!


Prep Day

I *just* remembered that I can blog from my phone! Perhaps I'll post more now. 😁 

New booth display sign by  6 by 6 Arts

New booth display sign by 6 by 6 Arts

I'm getting prepared for the awesome weekend that lies ahead at Urban Craft Uprising! New packaging, new booth display and new sign. If you've been following me for awhile, you know I have another company, 6 by 6 Arts.  I've been asked by customers and as well as buyers who plan to attend the wholesale buyer's day, if I or 6 by 6 will be at the show. We will not be. At this time I am limiting my wholesale accounts for my kanzashi, due to scheduling. 6 by 6 is currently taking new wholesale accounts however, please contact us here for more information and our current linesheet.


I love that wholesale buyers have reached out to me directly and plan to attend the unique "tradeshow" experience that UCU is offering! 

For the rest of you, (my people!!!) Here is the booth map for this weekend's show:

Booth 18!!!

Booth 18!!!

I'll be in booth 18. I believe I am next to a new UCU vendor, Adina Mills. One thing that I absolutely love about the organizers of UCU is that they are fantastic with their placement of vendors. I am an "old timer" at the show and quite often, if not always, I am placed next to a new vendor. I love that!  

It is a busy weekend in Seattle, so make sure you add Urban Craft Uprising to your to do list!

xo- Thea

I'm such a liar!

According to my last post that is! I failed to post about my booth location at Urban Craft Uprising Winter Show this past weekend. Yet, many still were able to find me there. It was absolutely wonderful to touch base with so many former and repeat customers! I love revisiting my previous pieces. I especially LOVE those of you who made the extra effort to come meet me in person after ordering from me online.

The one that got away... this particular flower was admired by two separate people but as any good craft show shopper, you have to do the rounds first before buying anything. But alas, I had to tell both of those folks who returned that someone swooped this up during their rounds. Lessons to be learned at craft shows - if you love it - just buy it! So many things have gotten away from me when I hmmed and hawwed.

Thank you so much! Thank you for supporting my fellow craftspeople and the event in general. We are a thriving community because of people like you. 

I do still plan to list a few more things online, however I am in the midst of preparing to sell my other company's wares at Crafty Wonderland in Portland, Oregon this week! So all of my attention is on that right now. 

Thanks again to all that stopped by my booth this past weekend! I am filled with gratitude for knowing and meeting the best people through my and other's handmade works.



Urban Craft Uprising - Summer 2015 THIS WEEKEND!!!

Can you believe it's that time again? Urban Craft Uprising's Summer show is this weekend! Did you happen to check out UCU's Meet the Vendor on me? Oddly the two most asked questions of me is: "Is Starr your real last name?" - It is! and "Are those made of clay?" - usually asked prior to touching my kanzashi. I try to live up to my "Precisely folded fabric flowers" slogan. 

I have been busy tossing $5.00 scrap fabric bags together, whipping up new $10.00 hair clips and creating unique color palettes for bouquets.

I will have many pieces on sale! I'm really looking forward to some familiar faces that usually sing by Urban Craft's Summer Show to grab my sale items. I will also have my new Starr Flowers on hand too! 


I will be in the back corner at booth #125. Right next to show sponsor and one of my stockists Two Birds Tattoo! Just look for a super colorful display ( I CANNOT WAIT TO SHARE MY NEW DISPLAYS WITH YOU!!!) and you know you've found me. 

If that isn't motivation enough, consider that it is supposed to be over 90 degrees in Seattle this weekend. I have to words of motivation for you: air conditioning. :) 

I hope to see you all there!