Work is my hobby

Urban Craft Uprising was a pleasure as usual.  UCU attendees are faithful and fresh.

I love seeing a familiar customer who freshens up their flower collections at every show. As well as being new to someone who's attending the show for the very first time. πŸ’—Β 

My display and I. Customers love the colorful display. I appreciate all the compliments about it.πŸ’—

My display and I. Customers love the colorful display. I appreciate all the compliments about it.πŸ’—

Each show, I get a new request, a new idea and a new found love for my own work. I also appreciate the people behind making the show happen. The organizers, the volunteers and my fellow makers. Many who have become good friends over the years. 

One maker, joked that work was their hobby. While that sounds horrible and ridiculous, many for us makers, it's completely true. And we love it. I came home and began working on 6 by 6 stuff, as well as wedding stuff too. Which is a task in itself. I'm strong and strong willed, but I have had a day or two of being overwhelmed with spontaneous crying. You know, days that are reminders that I'm human.  πŸ’πŸ» 

John came and helped me all weekend at the show.

John came and helped me all weekend at the show.

I'm working this holiday weekend, but I am taking time off too since all of my babies will be home under one roof for a couple days. I gotta get my momming mode on. Happy 4th to my fellow AmericansπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ. Stay safe, thank a solider if you see one and have a good weekend!


Prep Day

I *just* remembered that I can blog from my phone! Perhaps I'll post more now. 😁 

New booth display sign by  6 by 6 Arts

New booth display sign by 6 by 6 Arts

I'm getting prepared for the awesome weekend that lies ahead at Urban Craft Uprising! New packaging, new booth display and new sign. If you've been following me for awhile, you know I have another company, 6 by 6 Arts.  I've been asked by customers and as well as buyers who plan to attend the wholesale buyer's day, if I or 6 by 6 will be at the show. We will not be. At this time I am limiting my wholesale accounts for my kanzashi, due to scheduling. 6 by 6 is currently taking new wholesale accounts however, please contact us here for more information and our current linesheet.


I love that wholesale buyers have reached out to me directly and plan to attend the unique "tradeshow" experience that UCU is offering! 

For the rest of you, (my people!!!) Here is the booth map for this weekend's show:

Booth 18!!!

Booth 18!!!

I'll be in booth 18. I believe I am next to a new UCU vendor, Adina Mills. One thing that I absolutely love about the organizers of UCU is that they are fantastic with their placement of vendors. I am an "old timer" at the show and quite often, if not always, I am placed next to a new vendor. I love that!  

It is a busy weekend in Seattle, so make sure you add Urban Craft Uprising to your to do list!

xo- Thea

Urban Craft Uprising Headquarters - Grand Opening TOMORROW

Hey there! Long time to no post. I did warn you though... Anywho...have you heard that Urban Craft Uprising has a brick and mortar store now!?!?! It's true! UCU HQ resides at 1932 2nd Ave - Seattle, WA 98101 and the grand opening is tomorrow

For those of you who are familiar with that area will wonder why that seems familiar. It's actually where Schmancy used to be. Kristen, the super lady behind both Schmancy and UCU closed Schmancy's doors only to open new ones for UCU. 

Sneak peek pictures have already been posted on UCU's Instagram and Facebook.

The grand opening is from 11am to 6pm. You can expect to see many familiar handmade wares of Urban Craft Uprising's vendors. Including yours truly! Mini kanzashi sets and single kanzashi flowers are in stock there! 

I'm so excited that Urban Craft Uprising will have and actual store front! I can't wait to see it! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an easy path across Lake Washington during the new 520 bridge's grand opening. So many exciting new things this weekend here in the Seattle area! I hope you all have a great weekend.

xo- Thea