Bon Odori

This weekend the Bon Odori festival is happening in Seattle. 

Seattle Bon Odori Flyer at Momo Seattle

Seattle Bon Odori Flyer at Momo Seattle

I dropped off fresh new inventory along with some special kanzashi pieces at MOMO Seattle - 600 Jackson Street in Japantown/International District. 

Momo Seattle  

Momo Seattle  

Those special kanzashi pieces are only going to be there for a limited time. So be sure to get them while you can! 

While you're there in the neighborhood, be sure to explore the shops, restaurants and other notable places of interest (Thank you Pokemon Go!) 

The Historic Panama Hotel

The Historic Panama Hotel

Walking up Jackson Street in the International District  

Walking up Jackson Street in the International District  

Xo- Thea

Prep Day

I *just* remembered that I can blog from my phone! Perhaps I'll post more now. 😁 

New booth display sign by  6 by 6 Arts

New booth display sign by 6 by 6 Arts

I'm getting prepared for the awesome weekend that lies ahead at Urban Craft Uprising! New packaging, new booth display and new sign. If you've been following me for awhile, you know I have another company, 6 by 6 Arts.  I've been asked by customers and as well as buyers who plan to attend the wholesale buyer's day, if I or 6 by 6 will be at the show. We will not be. At this time I am limiting my wholesale accounts for my kanzashi, due to scheduling. 6 by 6 is currently taking new wholesale accounts however, please contact us here for more information and our current linesheet.


I love that wholesale buyers have reached out to me directly and plan to attend the unique "tradeshow" experience that UCU is offering! 

For the rest of you, (my people!!!) Here is the booth map for this weekend's show:

Booth 18!!!

Booth 18!!!

I'll be in booth 18. I believe I am next to a new UCU vendor, Adina Mills. One thing that I absolutely love about the organizers of UCU is that they are fantastic with their placement of vendors. I am an "old timer" at the show and quite often, if not always, I am placed next to a new vendor. I love that!  

It is a busy weekend in Seattle, so make sure you add Urban Craft Uprising to your to do list!

xo- Thea

Urban Craft Uprising Headquarters - Grand Opening TOMORROW

Hey there! Long time to no post. I did warn you though... Anywho...have you heard that Urban Craft Uprising has a brick and mortar store now!?!?! It's true! UCU HQ resides at 1932 2nd Ave - Seattle, WA 98101 and the grand opening is tomorrow

For those of you who are familiar with that area will wonder why that seems familiar. It's actually where Schmancy used to be. Kristen, the super lady behind both Schmancy and UCU closed Schmancy's doors only to open new ones for UCU. 

Sneak peek pictures have already been posted on UCU's Instagram and Facebook.

The grand opening is from 11am to 6pm. You can expect to see many familiar handmade wares of Urban Craft Uprising's vendors. Including yours truly! Mini kanzashi sets and single kanzashi flowers are in stock there! 

I'm so excited that Urban Craft Uprising will have and actual store front! I can't wait to see it! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an easy path across Lake Washington during the new 520 bridge's grand opening. So many exciting new things this weekend here in the Seattle area! I hope you all have a great weekend.

xo- Thea 

I'm such a liar!

According to my last post that is! I failed to post about my booth location at Urban Craft Uprising Winter Show this past weekend. Yet, many still were able to find me there. It was absolutely wonderful to touch base with so many former and repeat customers! I love revisiting my previous pieces. I especially LOVE those of you who made the extra effort to come meet me in person after ordering from me online.

The one that got away... this particular flower was admired by two separate people but as any good craft show shopper, you have to do the rounds first before buying anything. But alas, I had to tell both of those folks who returned that someone swooped this up during their rounds. Lessons to be learned at craft shows - if you love it - just buy it! So many things have gotten away from me when I hmmed and hawwed.

Thank you so much! Thank you for supporting my fellow craftspeople and the event in general. We are a thriving community because of people like you. 

I do still plan to list a few more things online, however I am in the midst of preparing to sell my other company's wares at Crafty Wonderland in Portland, Oregon this week! So all of my attention is on that right now. 

Thanks again to all that stopped by my booth this past weekend! I am filled with gratitude for knowing and meeting the best people through my and other's handmade works.



Tomorrow Night At The Handmade Showroom

Have you heard about The Handmade Showroom at Pacific Place in downtown Seattle? It started off as a wee bitty pop shop that has morphed into an every weekend shop. Which will soon be a full time shop throughout the holiday season. The Handmade Showroom features locally made handmade items. If you've ever attended Crafty Wonderland, Seattle Handmade or Urban Craft Uprising shows, you'll probably see some familiar items in the shop. 

Tomorrow they are hosting an artist reception at the store from 6 - 8 pm. 

From their site: 

We are excited to join the celebration of Fall fashion for ‪#‎StyleuPP‬ by Seattle Magazine happening at Pacific Place Seattle this week!

Visit us on Thursday evening for an exclusive reception to meet our artists, taste wares from our artisanal food vendors, view our collection of amazing handmade work, and get a head start on your holiday shopping lists!

Special on-site tastings with:
Delicately Sweet Confections - Salted Caramel Sauce
Sweet Caroline's Jams - limited edition artisan jams made with seasonal fruits
The Kitchen Imp - hand-blended organic spices and seasonings

In addition to all the fun we will have on hand, there will be a live fashion show happening at Pacific Place, so come early and join in on the fun of fashion!

The Showroom is located on the third floor next to the Nordstrom Skybridge.

All are welcome, so be sure to invite your friends to join in on the fun! We look forward to seeing you Thursday!

My other company 6 by 6 Arts has had products there since the grand opening, but starting tomorrow you'll be able to see a selection of my handmade keepsake bouquets! I will also be in attendance tomorrow night. It will be fun and I hope to see some familiar faces there!

xo - Thea 

Seattle International District - Night Market this Saturday!

Hi there! As I've probably mentioned before, most of my time these days have been spent working on building my other company 6 by 6 Arts. It's been a lot of fun and completely different than what I've been doing here. It's been an inspiration to keep creating new things and refining my established works. 

I created a few beautiful custom bridal orders during the peak wedding season this year. So much love and wedded bliss in the air! It's been absolutely wonderful and as always an honor to create custom keepsake pieces. 

Starr Flowers and Mini Kanzashi will be on hand this weekend!

Starr Flowers and Mini Kanzashi will be on hand this weekend!

I'm making my first appearance this year with my kanzashi this Saturday at the Seattle International District Night Market & Autumn Moon Festival. I will have a select few things from 6 by 6 there on hand. We are also taking orders for on site delivery too. Same goes for here! If there is anything that you're hoping to get your hands on from me, shoot me a note and I'll meet you at the festival! I know there's not a lot in my shop at the moment (*spoiler* - Updates are coming soon!) I do have a few things available in my Etsy shop.

I'll be sharing a booth with Momo Seattle! If you can't make it out to the festival this weekend, you can always pick up my kanzashi and Starr Flowers at Momo! They have been a long time stockist and personal favorite shop of mine for years now! 

I would love to see some familiar faces this weekend! PLUS there's a Happy Hour for the food trucks. Wuttttt!?!?!?

xo- Thea


Urban Craft Uprising - Summer 2015 THIS WEEKEND!!!

Can you believe it's that time again? Urban Craft Uprising's Summer show is this weekend! Did you happen to check out UCU's Meet the Vendor on me? Oddly the two most asked questions of me is: "Is Starr your real last name?" - It is! and "Are those made of clay?" - usually asked prior to touching my kanzashi. I try to live up to my "Precisely folded fabric flowers" slogan. 

I have been busy tossing $5.00 scrap fabric bags together, whipping up new $10.00 hair clips and creating unique color palettes for bouquets.

I will have many pieces on sale! I'm really looking forward to some familiar faces that usually sing by Urban Craft's Summer Show to grab my sale items. I will also have my new Starr Flowers on hand too! 


I will be in the back corner at booth #125. Right next to show sponsor and one of my stockists Two Birds Tattoo! Just look for a super colorful display ( I CANNOT WAIT TO SHARE MY NEW DISPLAYS WITH YOU!!!) and you know you've found me. 

If that isn't motivation enough, consider that it is supposed to be over 90 degrees in Seattle this weekend. I have to words of motivation for you: air conditioning. :) 

I hope to see you all there!