About an inch around.

Whomever I come into contact with while I am working, they always stop and marvel how tiny the pieces of fabric are. 

The standard sizes that I cut my fabrics are either 2"x 2" or 1" x 1".  The typical cuts for my regular sized and my mini sized kanzashi.

Small Bamboo Leaves Clips

Small Bamboo Leaves Clips

It can be tedious work with the tiny delicate folds, but I equate it to knitting. I've done the repetitive motions for so long now, it is soothing and familiar. For the tiniest pieces I will often use tweezers to maneuver petals into position. The smaller they are, the harder they are to make. It is totally well worth it though!

Mini Kanzashi - Thea Starr
Thea Starr | Mini Kanzashi

Many of my tiny kanzashi sets become bridal gifts, flower girl hair pieces and even Blythe doll accessories. There are a few minis available in the shop right now with more on the way. I had hoped that I would have time to list them this week. But alas, my youngest had all of her wisdom teeth removed and requires a bit more assistance we thought. (Mom life!)

Thea Starr Mini Kanzashi YO.jpg

Happy Friday!


Leaf Love

On the daily, I honestly use my Starr flower clips in my hair (more those will appear in the shop very soon). I have crazy natural wavy hair that flies all over the place. When I have somewhere to go, I toss in a flower or two from my personal collection of special pieces that I've hoarded over the years. But some days, it's just all about the leaves.

I typically will dye vintage kimono lining to a vibrant shade of green. As green is a little harder to come by when it comes to vintage kimono fabric.  

They are simple, yet striking. I have yet to see the leaves look bad in a shade of hair color. Blonde, red, brown, black, white...it always looks great.

I have two sets readymade and available in my shop right now. They measure approximately 1.5" inches in diameter. They come as a set of two and are securely affixed to alligator clips with teeth that have excellent grip.

I hope my fellow Americans had an excellent holiday weekend. I had my house full with all of my kids home for the weekend. Those days are rare now so I give them my full attention when they happen.