Leaf Love

On the daily, I honestly use my Starr flower clips in my hair (more those will appear in the shop very soon). I have crazy natural wavy hair that flies all over the place. When I have somewhere to go, I toss in a flower or two from my personal collection of special pieces that I've hoarded over the years. But some days, it's just all about the leaves.

I typically will dye vintage kimono lining to a vibrant shade of green. As green is a little harder to come by when it comes to vintage kimono fabric.  

They are simple, yet striking. I have yet to see the leaves look bad in a shade of hair color. Blonde, red, brown, black, white...it always looks great.

I have two sets readymade and available in my shop right now. They measure approximately 1.5" inches in diameter. They come as a set of two and are securely affixed to alligator clips with teeth that have excellent grip.

I hope my fellow Americans had an excellent holiday weekend. I had my house full with all of my kids home for the weekend. Those days are rare now so I give them my full attention when they happen.