Thea Starr

Worn by the famous and by the neighbors next door. Thea has been bringing new life to vintage kimono fabrics since 2002. She is a self taught artist. Her precisely folded handmade fabric flowers (tsumami kanzashi) are made with love and by hand. Thea folds each petal individually one by one. 

Me in my workspace.

Her work has travelled the world. They have been in many stage performances, countless wedding ceremonies, music videos and to a few fancy shin digs:

  • 2006 MTV Style Lounge - MTV Movie Awards
  • 2006 Seattle Asian Art Museum - Group Show
  • 2006 Miss Derringer Music Video Better Run Away From Me
  • 2008 MTV Style Lounge - MTV Movie Awards
  • 2010 Academy Awards/Oscars Gift Lounge

Thea has been a long time participant in the Seattle area maker's movement. She has participated in many local and national craft shows. Her pieces have been featured in many online features, print publications and public exhibits.

More About Thea

Thea Starr is a Whidbey Island, Washington native.  Her first job was in her father's auto body shop that he ran from their homestead after he retired from the United States Navy. Her hands were constantly dirty covered in grease and paint. This is where she learned how to mix colors and use automotive resins to sculpt shapes.

Growing up on an island with limited resources her creativity soared in the family shop which lends to her work today. Thea's bi-racial heritage also has a strong influence in her work. Asian meets deep rooted American style. She takes pride in interpreting a centuries old art for today's lifestyles. 

Being a tomboy, Thea founded and skated for a roller derby league in 2006 in Everett, Washington. The Jet City Rollergirls is one of Thea's favorite creations. 

Photo by Eric Kirby - Thea "Nova Payne"  Jet City Rollergirls Founder

Photo by Eric Kirby - Thea "Nova Payne" Jet City Rollergirls Founder

A few more of Thea's favorite creations are two girls and two boys. Thea is a stepmother to two awesome stepdaughters as well. 

Thea started up a new company with her husband John in 2014, a laser cutting and engraving company 6 by 6 Arts. They make "Goods For The Exceptional and Humorous". Not your everyday home decor and personal accessories. 

Thea wearing a 6 by 6 Arts "Hello My Name Is..." Name Badge. 

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