Urban Craft Uprising - Summer 2015 THIS WEEKEND!!!

Can you believe it's that time again? Urban Craft Uprising's Summer show is this weekend! Did you happen to check out UCU's Meet the Vendor on me? Oddly the two most asked questions of me is: "Is Starr your real last name?" - It is! and "Are those made of clay?" - usually asked prior to touching my kanzashi. I try to live up to my "Precisely folded fabric flowers" slogan. 

I have been busy tossing $5.00 scrap fabric bags together, whipping up new $10.00 hair clips and creating unique color palettes for bouquets.

I will have many pieces on sale! I'm really looking forward to some familiar faces that usually sing by Urban Craft's Summer Show to grab my sale items. I will also have my new Starr Flowers on hand too! 


I will be in the back corner at booth #125. Right next to show sponsor and one of my stockists Two Birds Tattoo! Just look for a super colorful display ( I CANNOT WAIT TO SHARE MY NEW DISPLAYS WITH YOU!!!) and you know you've found me. 

If that isn't motivation enough, consider that it is supposed to be over 90 degrees in Seattle this weekend. I have to words of motivation for you: air conditioning. :) 

I hope to see you all there!