I'm such a liar!

According to my last post that is! I failed to post about my booth location at Urban Craft Uprising Winter Show this past weekend. Yet, many still were able to find me there. It was absolutely wonderful to touch base with so many former and repeat customers! I love revisiting my previous pieces. I especially LOVE those of you who made the extra effort to come meet me in person after ordering from me online.

The one that got away... this particular flower was admired by two separate people but as any good craft show shopper, you have to do the rounds first before buying anything. But alas, I had to tell both of those folks who returned that someone swooped this up during their rounds. Lessons to be learned at craft shows - if you love it - just buy it! So many things have gotten away from me when I hmmed and hawwed.

Thank you so much! Thank you for supporting my fellow craftspeople and the event in general. We are a thriving community because of people like you. 

I do still plan to list a few more things online, however I am in the midst of preparing to sell my other company's wares at Crafty Wonderland in Portland, Oregon this week! So all of my attention is on that right now. 

Thanks again to all that stopped by my booth this past weekend! I am filled with gratitude for knowing and meeting the best people through my and other's handmade works.