Custom Keepsake Wedding Bouquets

I am in my 12th year in the business of making handmade flowers. One thing that never gets old is creating custom keepsake wedding bouquets. 

I get an array of requests on color palettes. Everything from the subtle ivory palette to the bright bold reds. The bouquet featured in this post is a recent bouquet I completed. The bride wanted a pink and orange palette. Perfect choice for vintage kimono fabrics. 

Vintage fabrics add an additional story to a special occasion. A bit of history and a whole lot of uniqueness. 

My bouquets can be kept forever or passed on. It's kind of wonderful. While I love florists and their services. (I use them frequently for my children's formal events.) Real flowers that have been preserved never look quite as good as they did in their moment. Many of my brides have told me how excited they are to keep their bouquets to pass on to their children. I'm really proud to offer this type of service. 

Autumn Harvest Bouquet - Pageant style - will be available at The Handmade Showroom later this month. 

Later this month (October 2015), a selection of my keepsake bouquets and complimentary wedding accessories will be available to purchase in person at The Handmade Showroom at Pacific Place in downtown Seattle. Many will be autumn and winter themed. 

On a personal note, my fiancé and I recently settled on our wedding colors. I'm excited to share the process of making my own bouquet and wedding flowers.