Something About A Wedding

In my circles, yes even with the 4th decade of life pending upon a few of us, the wedding/marriage talk has been a big topic. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement, planning, congratulations and the general attention of a wedding. As one should. It’s a big life event! An event that puts on display your commitment to another person that you are openly confirming yourself to. There’s a lot of fuss about “things” but when it comes down to it – purpose for the event is what it’s all about. 

Being a designer for "wedding things" - this is a topic I can handle with ease after all this time. I've created things for various types and styles of weddings. I've coordinated pieces with all the color palettes imaginable. I have lots of ideas for "things" and I thought It would be fun to share those simply through a Pinterest board.

There are so many incredible ideas to make your day custom to your likes. I can get lost in them. (And have helping out my friend with idea for her upcoming wedding!) All of the pins that are on that board are ones that I think are great and worthy of sharing. I have a private wedding idea board for my up coming wedding that I am currently sharing with my best friend. I'll open that board up after my wedding. 

With that said, don't be surprised to see some posts about my up coming wedding. A few personal posts about marriage in general. Just keep in mind that these posts will be from someone who was married previously for quite sometime. For you younger folks who are entering marriage for the first time, I'll have different advice to share than those who have been married before like myself. Some things in life just have to be learned rather than lectured. 

But don't worry kanzashi fans, I have lots of new works coming up to share too.