Circle clips are back!

Well hello! For the first time in forever I posted on my IG today, so I figured I should post a little note here too.

If you’ve been following me for awhile now, you’ll know that I’ve been working on my business with my husband John. We’re actually into our 5th year this month. My fire and inspiration for kanzashi making had cooled a bit with the laser cutting adventure. However, I have had a recent rekindling of wanting to create again. It feels totally awesome. My long time assistant - my daughter Jina is engaged now and I’m sure that has everything to do with being inspired again.

First thing out of the gate is a new batch of circle clips!

Thea Starr | Vintage Kimono Circle Clips

Thea Starr | Vintage Kimono Circle Clips

I’m totally in love with these. They are super easy to wear and are a bit of eye candy. I currently have them available in a couple of color ways as noted in the listing. Apparently hair clips are “in” again this summer. Honestly, I didn’t know they were “out”. I need something to keep my flyways in check since I’m not into using product in my hair. I’ve been rocking these for my everyday wear.

New kanzashi is on the horizon as well. I mean it! I did a little polling privately among my friends to see if everyone still loves pink and purple. The answer was a big “duh Thea”. So be on the look out for those.

xo- Thea