Mother's Day

We're approaching Mother's Day which means a lot of different things to different people. Some want to be pampered and showered with gifts. Some just want to sleep in. Some want the day to just pass by. I didn't grow up with a mother (my mom is very much alive and doing well, my parents divorced when I was little and I lived with my dad) so every holiday was Father's Day! I don't have anything against Mother's Day. I mean, I am a mom. But I think it has less of a meaning to me than it does to others. 

When I was married, my ex-husband did a lot for me on Mother's Day. It was very sweet, a bit over the top but nice. But every year I pretty much want the same thing, a picture of myself with my kids. This is a larger task than you would think when you have a handful of children. No one looks at the camera at the same time or acts right. I might as well ask for a miracle every year.

2009  A typical picture of my children.  Please note, only one of my children is smiling nicely.

2009 A typical picture of my children.  Please note, only one of my children is smiling nicely.

Even in the time of selfies and posting everything on social media, it is nice to have a good picture of your family. If you can accomplish that.

2012 - Three out of four. Not too bad. 

2012 - Three out of four. Not too bad. 


2009 - My children, mom and myself. 

2009 - My children, mom and myself. 

Not doing weird things with your faces. 

I'll have to let you know the result of this year's picture after the fact. Almost 20 years into this parenthood game, it's just become a comical annual occurrence. Someone tries to sabotage the photos by flipping the bird, sticking their tongues out, looking to the left, looking to the right, choking someone...

Full disclosure: Not all moms are the same. Some DO expect more than just picture. Flowers, chocolates and massages might be expected. KNOW YOUR MOM! Quite frankly, I wouldn't hate it if someone else did the dang dishes for a day. Im pretty sure every mom likes looking at what they made in a picture. A nice picture that is. Especially when they start leaving home. This is why your own parents have those "awesome" portraits of you littered all over their homes. Ones from the bad hair years. Yeah, those are great.

Happy Mother's Day!