When you can't come up with your own original ideas...

I have been in the maker business since 2002. I have been copied (down to the exact style of design) many times. I've even had my work bought and sold and passed off as someone else's work too. 

It should come as no surprise to me that someone on the Glowforge community created a file exactly like my original work and is sharing it there for other Glowforge members to use. 

How do I know? They linked directly to my work here on my site


Unfortunately for me, there is nothing illegal about this. It is just disappointing. I know "nothing" is original anymore and no one "cares" how something is made. Its just sad that it is my exact design, including the star in a recreated file being shared. It is called a STARR flower for a reason. I created it to expand my use for vintage kimono fabric and have a collaboration product with my laser cutting company. I'm sure in no time there will be a new Etsy shop filled with Starr Flower copycats for sale as the file gets passed along. My husband John and I have experienced this a few times with our business together in the past 4 years. An Etsy shop opened up with a Happy Rain Cloud keychain copycat as it's only product. Just like this and previous experiences, I'll just shrug it off and create new original designs. Imitation is the best form of flattery right? But it doesn't feel that way though, I am human. An actual person who creates for a living. 

Thea Starr - Starr Flowers Laser Cut Wood and Fabric

As creatives, there are so many ways to take inspiration from a design and make it your own. Create something totally new with your own flair! If you like something you see made by a maker, compliment them, buy their work, be inspired by their work to make something of your own in your own style. When I teach classes on kanzashi making, I assure my students to do just that. You disappointment me Mr. Copycat. You could have at least removed the star(r).