Enjoying Spring With My Favorite Flowers

I’ve spent a lot time looking and studying flowers over the years. I used to focus on more realistic looking kanzashi pieces. That is the traditional way. Over time my customers always seemed to gravitate towards my stylized pieces.  


My customers are like me, color lovers. My pieces tend to be saturated and high contrast. So, I’ve moved away from creating realistic looking pieces and focused solely on stylized pieces. Which tend to look like the flowers on patterns on vintage kimono.

This topic is currently floating around for me. It’s spring and my favorite flowers are in bloom. Wisteria and lilacs top my list. 


I’m also already getting ready for my first and perhaps only show of the year. I’m planning out how many classics and new goods to bring.  


By my side (and wherever I can stick them) are my beloved lilacs. I had two large lilac bushes in front of my bedroom growing up. I loved opening up the windows and filling the house with their smell. I just love them and try to enjoy them to the max while they are here.

Have an excellent weekend friends! And remember to stop and smell the flowers.